Friday, February 23, 2018
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Welcome to Olivias Coffee Bake

Places like Olivias don’t just pop up out of nowhere. Visit Olivias just for a bite (and maybe a Frappe, the bracing Greek Ice Coffee that John serves).

Olivias Coffee Bake opened in 2006 creating fresh breads and other goodies in a stunningly cottage looking shop located in Gautengs's upper side Northcliff. We offer one of the best breakfast menu's in the area. Weather you are looking to go out to catch a bite or just have a cup of coffee with some freinds we remain a neighborhood place where everything is handmade on the premises, fresh every day and try our best to offer the best service.

Olivias pastries are equally seasonal and artfully inventive, a coffee-bar anomaly in these days of scones and muffins. Roasted pears are stuffed into tarts, and quince cooked into taffy like candy. There are persimmon tortas, superb ricotta fritters, and shortbread scented demurely with lavender or studded, daringly, with briny cured olives.

Baked goods. That is all. Yet they are a marvel of ingenuity and simplicity. All of our recipes are based on traditional French baking techniques - beautiful to behold, but even better to eat!

While our bakery embodies the unique attribute of its environment, it is bound together by an impeccable attention to detail, commitment to service, and, above all, enjoyment of good food.

Regardless of the occasion, scale or nature of your event, Olivias event planning staff will work closely with you to plan the experience that meets your needs.It seems doughnuts are Olivias best kept secret.

Guests can enjoy glazed and fruit filled doughnuts made by hand every Saturday and Sunday.

John the owner (picture on the right), invites your to visit Olivias Coffee Bake which is an Italian style bakery coffee shop in Northcliff, Gauteng that does breakfasts and lunch or just coffees.

Freshly Baked Cakes, Cookies, Croissants and many other tasty treats are available here.

John Killas



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